Stack'D Fit, Central PA's most innovative fitness experience

central pa's most innovative fitness experience

Helping you improve your physical condition, as well as your physical appearance

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We are a team of personal trainers and physical therapists who believe every client gives us a unique opportunity to showcase what our combined talents can do. With attention to form and function, we design exercise programs that are challenging, fun, and informative — you’ll learn why each exercise works and what results you can expect. At the same time, you can be certain that with every workout, we will ensure your safety and show you how to prevent injury in the future.


Lose weight, build muscle, and boost your metabolism.

Bungee Fitness

Combine resistance and HIIT training– while flying!

personal training

Get a one-on-one or private group training session designed especially for you.


Manage stress and improve your strength, balance, and flexibility.


Help your kids build strong bones and muscles while having fun with our programs that focus on speed and agility, proper lifting techniques, power, mobility and control.


Box to build strength, improve balance, and decrease stress.